Velours de l'Abbaye

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Cotton Road
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572 route de Montagny, 71520 Navour Sur Grosne, France
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François De Regloix

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801 786 252 00032
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Les VELOURS de l'ABBAYE was born of the desire of Victor GAYET and François de REGLOIX, epicureans, lovers of France, its terroirs and its gastronomy, and their wish to cook natural, gourmet vinegars.

Les VELOURS de l'ABBAYE vinegars contain no artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives. The essential ingredients in our recipes are of French and local origin, most of them organically grown.

The ingredients are carefully selected to guarantee vinegars with exceptional gastronomic qualities, where tangy aromas mingle with the flavours of fruit and spices.

‘The vinegars we produce are made from the natural fermentation of organic apple juice or grape juice, which is transformed into cider and wine and then into vinegar.

Cooking in a cauldron or cold maceration are just some of the traditional processes used by Victor and François to sublimate their selection of vinegars and give them finesse and strength.

In 2024, Les VELOURS de l'ABBAYE will be celebrating its 10th anniversary. This is the perfect opportunity for the two friends to offer you an even more gourmet range of vinegars to delight your taste buds.

Let us surprise you and see you soon.


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