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  • A catalog of thousands of products for immediate delivery or pre-order.
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  • A free tool to consolidate all your purchases in one place and stay within your budget.*
  • 60 day payment terms to ease your cashflow, while still guaranteeing payment on delivery for vendors.*
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A catalog of thousands of products

To bring all your purchases together in one place, for immediate delivery or pre-order.

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Using the CXMP platform is free for professionals and enthusiasts alike. However, some information may be reserved for buyers only.

No, you just need to accept the General Conditions of Use when you place an order.

Yes, the prices are shown are exclusive of tax.

Only professionals registered on the platform can buy on CXMP.

Yes, you can decline an order. For every order received, you need to validate it to accept it.

Yes, you can decide to show your products to your « certified » buyers only. In order to do that, you should XXX TO BE COMPLETED WITH UPPLER

This way, all buyers who want to see your catalog will submit a request via your Vendor’s page. It will then be up to you to authorize them or not.

The resellers’ prices, or « wholesale » prices, are only visible when you have a buyer’s account and are signed in.

Customer Services for buyers and professionals is available on XX, Monday to Friday, from X to X, or via email at XXX

All European Union countries are authorized to buy on CXMP.

Countries outside of the European Union will soon be able to buy on CXMP.

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