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V&S Foodspecialist
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Nieuwenhuizenweg 11, 2314XP Leiden, Netherlands
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Liesbeth Tesselaar

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your creative food specialist

With a rich history stretching back more than 115 years, the food specialists at V&S are the silent force behind many successful company events, enjoyable barbecues and festive dinner parties.

Every day, our highly enthusiastic foodies work on developing the most diverse food concepts. We work on our own ideas, or we collaborate on yours, always aiming for the perfect result. Even though the world is changing rapidly, we will always stick to the core values of a personal approach and quality craftsmanship.

With our extensive history in the meat-based industry and our prosperous future in a more sustainable world, we create new possibilities using the V&S artisanal innovation skills. That’s why you can always count on us to provide you with an up-to-date and wide selection of products including surprising, sustainable alternatives.

Created together
Your product ideas and our production knowhow: together, we create the best food concepts.

Produced with passion
An enthusiastic team of foodies transforms every challenge into a surprisingly tasty experience.

Enjoyed by all
Specialty foods that excel in convenience, variety and appearance. Bon appétit!

tastes differ,
we know

We are completely aware that tastes differ. That is why we offer you the perfect food concept for every occasion and market: wholesale, catering, B2B, QSR and retail. With smart solutions, high-quality production, watertight legislation and efficient logistics, V&S will support the entire process and get things done.

comes first

-> We guarantee that our processes and products comply with all food safety requirements without exception.
-> The quality of all our production processes is accredited by BRC-A and IFS Higher Level certifications.
-> Health has our full focus: wholesome nutrients, allergen-free products and meat or fish alternatives.
-> We take responsibility throughout the entire chain, from working conditions to the environment and beyond.
-> Sourcing, production and transport: we strive for sustainability and aim to minimise our ecological footprint.


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