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Tipico S.r.l.
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Zona industriale lotto 14, 08023 Fonni, Italy
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Alice Angius

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We are a family run business who believes that offering healthy products with few and simple ingredients is the winning strategy to meet modern consumers. Our motto is “to be simple is extraordinary”, the secret is balancing tradition and innovation. Our motto comes from the ‘50s when the first of the three generations of the Masini family started producing Savoiardone, the traditional biscuit to make tiramisu. Our sponge-fingers are prepared using only three ingredients, including fresh eggs, sugar, and flour, and presents a distinctive softness.

The range of products includes Savoiardone di Sardegna in good company with several different traditional products from Sardinia: classic icons like Pane Carasau and Pane Guttiau. Also, traditional pasta types enrich the offer like the Fregula tostata and Malloreddus.

We are now launching a new product: Kit tiramisu ready in 10 minutes in 5 simple steps. The convenient and elegant package contains 8 Savoiardoni di Sardegna, the Tiramisu cream mix, coffee powder, cocoa powder and a convenient tray for the tiramisu preparation. The consumers only need to add 400 ml of whipping cream and that’s it! The Tiramisu is ready in just 10 minutes. In fact, 5 simple steps are enough to create the real Made in Italy Tiramisu, only excellent ingredients to create a perfect dessert to share with friends, relatives and followers. The package allows consumers to prepare 8 portions of Tiramisu, easy, fast and funny to prepare, it is designed according to the traditional Italian dessert most loved in the world.

Our certifications: IFS "Higher level", FDA, HALAL, KAT.

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