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Panamien Creatives
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123 rue de la Croix-Nivert, 75015 Paris, France
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Kévin Lubiku
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Through a collection of socks, knitted in France, in tencel and hemp, Panamien sets out to discover and rediscover Greater Paris, nicknamed as Paname.

We imagine today the most beautiful creations of tomorrow.
We have the desire to imagine and create timeless pieces that withstand the test of time. Our mission is to leave our mark on eras while minimizing our environmental impact. This ambition is currently translated through our collection of socks made from Tencel and hemp, two of the most sustainable textile materials that exist.
The use of hemp allows for better durability of our products over time, while employing Tencel provides an unparalleled comfort sensation.

The world and fashion must change for the betterment of the common good. And this improvement starts with us.
Using sustainable materials, designing and manufacturing closer to consumer markets, co-creation, pre-ordering, limited editions, adapting work organization to individuals and the times, equality, and redistribution—everything is being done to ensure that our worldview is reflected in our actions and products.
We advocate for French manufacturing, high-end craftsmanship, meticulousness, at the intersection with artisanal traditions. Additionally, in order to reduce our environmental impact, it is essential to produce less. That is why our entire catalog is limited edition.

Respect, kindness, and sharing are, for us, essential conditions for the "living together" that we advocate for.
Human beings, wildlife, and flora are at the heart of our primary concerns. Moreover, our socks tell the story of the Grand Paris as we experience it day by day. In this sense, we ensure that our products reflect our values and aspirations.
The production of our products does not involve the use of animals, respects the environment, and upholds the working conditions of all our collaborators. Furthermore, through our socks, we aim to demonstrate that a compassionate model of coexistence is possible.

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