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nine eyewear A/S
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Rudolfgaardsvej 1 C, 8260 Viby J, Denmark
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Nine Eyewear

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nine eyewear was founded with a great passion for Danish design and Japanese craftsmanship. Since the beginning, the most important elements have always been simple aesthetics, comfort and high-quality materials. Japanese titanium is the primary material in our collection.

Our main focus is to achieve the right balance between form and functionality when designing our eyewear. In addition to the obvious lightness, all frames are characterized by being extremely flexible and durable.

The hand-drawn sketches are made in Denmark and through close collaboration with skilled craftsmen in Japan, every detail is measured. The distinct lightness, simplicity and functionality pay tribute to the design principles of Danish modernism – nothing is superfluous, every detail has a purpose.

All frames from nine eyewear are exclusively produced and verified in Japan. The core of each collection lies in the craftsmanship and virtues of the Japanese artisans. Every frame is manufactured in about 250 production steps, and are assembled by hand and examined under microscope before final approval.

Our Japanese manufacturers are carefully chosen to ensure our high production standards. We use flexible beta titanium, the incomparable Takiron acetate and sustainable transparent polyamide, primarily made from castor beans, to ensure reliable state of the art quality. These Japanese materials have different advantages and are all carefully handpicked and tested.

And the weight of our frames, regardless of shape, color and material, is no more than 9 grams.

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