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3 Rue Des Caves, 66300 Saint Jean Lasseille, France
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Making a Panama Hat

A blend of imagination and creativity, the creations are crafted using exceptional techniques of embroidery and featherwork, based on a Fino-type Panama hat.

The hats are entirely handmade in Ecuador, using traditional weaving techniques that have been recognized by UNESCO in 2012.

Weaving, from the center of the hat to its brim, takes the artisans several days, weeks, or even several months, depending on the desired finesse.

By the way, do you know how to recognize a genuine Panama hat? Look for the rosette at the top of the hat, a guarantee of artisanal and unique craftsmanship.

Material Selection and Weaving

The manufacturing process starts in Ecuador with the meticulous selection of Toquilla palm leaves. These leaves are then boiled and dried to transform them into straw.

The crucial step that follows is weaving. The tighter the weave, the finer the mesh, ensuring exceptional hat quality.

Washing and Shaping

Any protruding fibers from the hat are carefully trimmed and washed with soap and water to achieve impeccable results.

The unshaped hat, also known as a "cloche," is then placed on the desired form and delicately introduced into a hat press to give it its final and unique appearance.

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