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MartinoRossi Spa
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SP 26, Km 15,100, 26030 Malagnino, Italy
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Eleonora Ferrari

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MartinoRossi is a mill and ingredients producer from Northern Italy, active for more than fifty years, specialized in the production of gluten-free, soy-free and GMO-free flours, clean label functional ingredients, custom blends and plant-based mixes from cereals and pulses, ideal for the production of pasta, snacks, bakery products and plant-based products. MartinoRossi lays its foundations on the respect and development of the agricultural realities, investing on quality and safety of raw materials. Thanks to its tailor-made attitude, MartinoRossi is able to offer a full customization of the supplied ingredients, according to specific customer requirements (both in terms of grain size and heat-treatment). The company, in order to meet new market trends, recently expanded its offer with innovative products identified by new brands designed for different channels: BEAMY, dedicated to the retail channel that includes sustainable and healthy products based on legumes, without soy and gluten; MartinoRossi Professional, that includes the renovated product line dedicated to the HO.RE.CA channel.


SIAL Paris 24
1 - H-001

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