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1 rue anatole contré, 17400 St Jean D'Angély, France
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Cécile Cousin

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Protecting our way of life and ensuring the transmission of our cultural heritage: isn't that what we all aspire to for our families, for our children, for the future of our profession? So, yes, the task is complex, but by acting at our level, with commitment and passion, we know that anything is possible!

For 111 years, we've been doing our bit to support and secure the work of food industry professionals. You develop your business and pass on your expertise in a calm environment that's conducive to success and daring. It's a source of great pride for us.

MAPA's history and values have taken shape alongside food industry professionals. The presence on the Board of Directors of retailers, most of whom are presidents of professional bodies representing the food trade, has enabled MAPA to develop an excellent understanding of the needs and expectations of each sector.

Our mission
We advise, protect and support food industry professionals and their families with professionalism and a commitment to the quality of our services. We give priority to listening, relationships and the human values inherent in our identity as a mutual insurer.

Above all, MAPA is a Mutuelle d'Assurance on a human scale: 600 people at your side to advise, support and help you with your questions, procedures and difficulties.
It's also a physical presence, a listening ear and a source of reassurance, so that we're always there for you and deserve the trust you place in us!


Gourmet Selection 24
5.2 F-001

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