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LIMBUA Deutschland GmbH
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Raunerweg 13, 82211 Herrsching am Ammersee, Germany
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Doortje Maillard

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LIMBUA produces and sells Macadamia nuts and and Avocado oil in cooperation with more than 7000 organically certified smallholders at the slopes of Mount Kenya. The German-Kenyan company is one of the market leaders for organic Macadamia nuts.

Without any middle men, LIMBUA enters the international market and assures a competitive price-performance ratio as well as a high product quality due to the fresh produce that has been sourced directly from the farm. Grown free of chemical pesticides in mixed cultures, the kernels comply with the high standards of quality and health conscious consumers.

The product portfolio includes:
Macadamia nut kernels different sizes
Macadamia nut pieces
Macadamia nut butter
Macadamia nut oil
Avocado oil
Dried Mangoes

In addition to the premium snack nuts the ingredient style macadamias can be processed into vegan products, clean food, fine sweets and protein-rich Keto foods, as i.e. macadamia drink, vegan cheese ,chocolate covered nuts, spreads, pastries nut bars and many more.


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