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wear.Laboratorium einzelunterhnemen
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Oppelner Str. 25, 10997 Berlin, Germany
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Davide Pigazzi

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LABORATORIUM was born in 2019 with a high-end streetwear capsule collection that landed in some Berlin’s concept stores.
The positive feedback received from this first drop led the creative director and founder Davide Pigazzi to onboard on the creation process of the brand. Already in March 2020, LABORATORIUM was able to be included in the Berlin Fashion Chamber and to be exhibited in the Paris showrooms: NOBshowroom and Berlin-Paris ones.
The break given by the pandemic was useful for reshaping and repositioning the brand with a focus on Women's shoes. Unifying the historical artisanal skills of the Parabiago shoe district with the LABORATORIUM innovative sense of style the outcome is a distinctive product with strong character for the contemporary women.
LABORATORIUM aimes to ally itself to a feminine woman but not trivial, with a character that wants to distinguish herself and stand out from the crowd fiercely.
The vision is focus to embrace a unique contemporary elegance enriched by artisanal wisdom.

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