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571 RUE DES PAYS-BAS, 84100 ORANGE, France
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Philippe Sauvage

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Our adventure began in Avignon, the historic city of the Popes, located in the south of France.

More than thirty years ago, our savoury pies were already delighting our customers. Their popularity very soon meant that La Savoureuse found itself bursting at the seams, with equipment that was undersized when it came to meeting the burgeoning demand.

It was time to invest, to think bigger. La Savoureuse then moved to Orange, some kilometres away, to more spacious facilities, and outfitted itself with modern, efficient equipment that would meet the most exacting standards. Above all, it surrounded itself with a team of people with a passion and love for gastronomy, “the great and good” who test, innovate and create recipes for customers on a daily basis.

Today our efforts have paid off! We export to every continent; our products travel around the globe in optimum conditions to guarantee the cold chain. It is predominantly Australians who have become addicted to our products, and we’re very proud of that!


SIAL Paris 24
5A V-093

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