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Juice Solutions International BV
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Lage Brink 5, 7317BD Apeldoorn, Netherlands
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Oery Nidam

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Juice Solutions International is a total supplier and concept developer specialized in innovative beverage concepts. In 2008, now 13 years ago started from a small business premises in the south of Apeldoorn. In recent years we have been able to take great steps in various areas. We have now been housed in a beautiful building in the Apeldoorn-Noord business park for a few years now. In addition to our office space, we have our own frozen storage with 90 pallet places and a 1500m2 warehouse. We have also opened branches in Portugal and Spain. In addition to working hard, we also try to have a lot of fun together. A large part of our team has been active within the organization for more than 11 years. That says something about the atmosphere.

Our core business product from day one is our WOW Smoothies! Healthy, tasty, easy to prepare and distinctive recipes. However, we have not stood still and have developed a number of new brands / concepts. In addition to WOW Smoothies, we have developed as a private label; Frappé2day, WOW Natural Juices, Clasico Cocktails & WOW frozen Yoghurt. We are also the exclusive importer of Maison Routin 1883 syrups, Teahouse Exclusives and Henderson & Sons. We deliver our concepts with tailor-made advice, the right hardware (optional) and POS material. Over the years, we have been able to develop a total package that can be perfectly integrated into any type of catering location.

Every year we try to achieve healthy growth with our team. We try to innovate within our own concepts, but also keep an eye on the opportunities in the market. Do we see an opportunity to expand or innovate? Then we will do that immediately! In this way we have something new to tell you every time.


SIAL Paris 24
5A - T-214

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