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With over 100 years of experience, Helios Group focuses its activity on the manufacturing and trading of jams, fruit preserves, fruit spreads, fried tomatoes, tomato sauces, ketchup, candied fruits and a long list of products always based on high quality and innovation. Our family of over 600 people is very proud of having made this business a success making it the main reference point in the jam market in our country. Helios group has a solid strategy of internationalization in which it highlights the ability of the Group to offer responses to any need: from the raw material to the final product.

Our history begins at the end of 19th century, whern the great-great-grandfather of the current owners bought a traditional sweet shop called Álvarez which was founded in 1816. He re-launched it as the first confectioner´s shop in Valladolid under the name El Sol (The Sun) which would later become purveyor to the Royal Family. In 1901, the newspaper El Periódico de Castilla announced that the shop would give away a lottery ticket for the purchase of nougat candy, sugared almonds, liquorice and other products. One hundred years later, that family business has become a corporation with over 600 employees, and a leader in the industry, with a focus on expansion in foreign markets.

The definitive leap to becoming a benchmark company came in 1959, with the construction of the modern factory in Valladolid. This step was taken with the aim of broadening our portfolio respecting the traditional recipes but incorporating the latest technology. Only 13 years later, product demand called for a new factory to be built to increase production capacity - the one that stands in its current location.
Tradition and innovation are brought together under one roof to achieve a traditional production process using the most modern technology. The international quality certificates Helios has achieves confirm all this.

Helios Group comprises of the following companies.
Dulces y Conservas Helios S.A., the partner company of the Group whose mains factory and headquarters are located in Valladolid. This factory is over 70,000 m2. It is there that helios produces and distributes its products: mainly jams, tomato sauces, fruit preserves and candied fruit.
Iberfruta Muerza, headquartered in Azagra (Navarra) primarily manufactures semi-prepared fruit in aseptic packaging and frozen fruits. The firm has had a successful business track record for over 20 years and operates internationally. Iberfruta´s main market is the food industry, principally producers of baby food, jam, confectionery, fruit juice, fruit yogurt, fruit-based desserts and ice cream, to name but a few.
Having vertical integration in its acotivity and controlling its industrial value chain, Helios Group has five production facilities in Spain, two in Germany and one in Morroco. It has an active presence in over 80 markets, having export activity across 5 continents woth its brand Helios, bebe, Mühlhäuser and Eva.

The keep point is the full control of our industrial value chain and vertical integration of our activity allow us to offer the best quality "from the fruit to the final product".

Founded in: 1901
Productive capacity: 130.000 T
Number of employees: 640
Export markets: Over 100 contries across 5 continents through retail, foodservice, pastry and B2B channels.
Products: Jams, fruit preserves, tomato sauces and ketchup, condiments, candied fruits, vegetables preserves, pickles, fruits in syrup, honey, quince, syrups and dessert sauces.

Brands: Helios, Bebe, Mühñlhäuser and Eva.
Certificates: ISO, BRC, IFS, ECO Certificate, FDA, halal and Kosher Certificates.


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