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Via Prunia, 1, 88046 Lamezia Terme, Italy
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Antonio Folino

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Folinofood is a Calabrian company that aims to make Calabria known through authentic and diverse sensory experiences in Italy and around the world. Founded in the 1960s by two brothers, Antonio and Guido, one day they decided to sell the products of the land they cultivated in the town of their birth, Lamezia Terme. From a small local market, with the passing of time it has become a real brand that exports the products of their homeland to European and non-European countries.

Initially specialising only in typical Calabrian products, Folinofood has expanded its boundaries and now encompasses four certified organic brands dealing with different aspects of taste: CasaFolino, Chocorotto, Dulcis Et Salis.

CasaFolino is a brand of typical Calabrian products, both sweet and savoury; most of the products are made in-house, while for others CasaFolino relies on manufacturing companies that respect the company's standards and values: genuineness, traditionality and sustainability, allowing for a variety of BIO-certified products.

Chocorotto, on the other hand, encompasses the total chocolate production of Folinofood . The origin of the beans used by the brand is Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana and Ecuador, from companies that support the Cocoa Horizons Foundation, allowing for a variety of products with the authentic taste of the cocoa bean, while at the same time benefiting cocoa farmers and their communities by promoting sustainable agriculture.

Dulcis Et Salis deals with spice processing. Here too, most of the raw materials are certified organic KM0, to create mixes of spices, smells and flavours with the unmistakable taste of spices processed by hand as if freshly picked.

Folino Food works to have a range of products that respect the land and are sustainable, guaranteeing the genuine taste of each product.


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