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Lieu dit la marvaillère, 16110 Taponnat-fleurignac, France
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Jérémie Cossurel

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Our Cossû range, rich in flavor:

Taking care of your health also means paying attention to your diet. Because fruits and vegetables are essential for our bodies, we should consume them daily and in various forms to diversify pleasures, even during less favorable moments. That's why today we want to bring broth and infusion back into focus, a true practical and healthy elixir for all your breaks, and for cooking like a chef at home.

Our Broths & Infusions are locally crafted in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, using artisanal methods to prioritize quality in processing and production. We use natural and organic ingredients, including seasonal fruits and vegetables, and maximize the use of "imperfect" produce (too small, too large, misshapen, or blemished) that still retains all its qualities... what better way to make broths & infusions!

Finally, our range features a raw and short list of ingredients. We do not use any additives or preservatives, and we do not add sugars; they come exclusively from the fruits we select.

We guarantee with our little potions a true return to the roots rich in flavor for all moments of the day.

Our Creed around 5 values:

Sustainable: Our Broths and Infusions consist of just seasonal fruits and vegetables, sourced locally in France, using maximum "imperfect" produce, and organic. A range sold in infinitely reusable recyclable packaging, what more!
Authentic: A short list of ingredients, without additives and preservatives, and most importantly, WITHOUT ADDED SUGARS! Artisanal production because behind every machine, there is a person.
Raise Awareness and Transmit: Our diet has effects on our well-being, health, and physiology. Prioritizing fruits and vegetables is essential. The idea is to help you cook them simply and in various forms while adopting eco-responsible behaviors.
Pleasure and Conviviality: Our Broths and Infusions accompany you for different occasions throughout the day. Recipes developed with "star" fruits and vegetables such as apple or carrot, which we invite you to rediscover! A rich taste experience to share with friends or family.
Activist Approach: When possible, we aim to maximize our exchanges with local producers and suppliers, or even local bio-engaged businesses to seek synergies and limit our impact.

How to drink our elixirs:

Infusion, to be consumed instead of overly sugary juices. An infusion technique that has real success in the dry section, which we import from the juice side to extract all the benefits (delicacy, taste...), and a low sugar content (no added sugars, natural sugars from fruits). Only 2 to 3g of natural sugars per 100ml vs. 10 to 15g for a classic juice.
2 recipes: apple ginger blackcurrant leaf infusion, pear mint verbena.

Broth, to be drunk or cooked. Recipes developed with a local chef in Charente. To be drunk simply, or to be used in dishes, on the plate, to drizzle over starches, finish a risotto, with vermicelli, or simply as a wellness beverage. The possibilities are vast. A range low in salt.

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