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Camil Alimentos S.A.
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Av. Doutora Ruth Cardoso 8501, 12º andar, Pinheiros, 05425-070 São Paulo, Brazil
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Clarissa Marchioreto Amadio
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With 60 years of history, Camil is a multinational of Brazilian origin among the largest consumer goods companies in the food sector in Latin America, holding leadership positions in the categories and countries in which it operates.

With a diversified portfolio of traditional brands, consolidated and recognized by consumers, the Company leads rankings and has relevant shares in the rice markets of Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Peru and Ecuador, in addition to expressive shares in the grain, sugar, canned fish market, pasta and moving towards the same position in roasted and ground coffee in Brazil.

Camil has 33 processing units and 20 distribution centers in South America. distribution centers in South America, with more than 7 thousand employees.

Camil has a consistent history of growth and market share expansion in the food sector in Brazil and South America, both with organic growth and through strategic acquisitions, with diversification of our geographic operations and product categories.

Camil operates in relevant markets in the food sector in South America, in which it believes there is a positive outlook, supported by the resumption of economic growth, population growth and strengthening of favorable trends in consumption habits.

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