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Agristo NV
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Ridder de Ghellinckstaat 9, 8710 Wielsbeke, Belgium
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Anneke Vanfleteren

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From earthy tubers to golden yellow fries: Agristo is crazy about potatoes. And has been since 1986. Then, a modest family business in frozen potato products; today, a world player. Same values, growing numbers. More than 540 own label customers in 130 countries receive for their private label the best quality, the most beautiful packaging, the fastest delivery time and the most efficient logistical support.
Our pre-fried fries, crispy croquettes and other potato products are authentic. Customization and an annual capacity of 800,000 tons of finished product? Yes, Agristo delivers pleasure and conviviality thanks to deliberately sustainable, fully automated production. From seed potatoes to distribution, from customer service to market research; more than 1000 "Potatoholics" are committed every day at our four high-tech branches in Belgium and the Netherlands.

A crispy croquette with a five-star review, a French fries waffle in ecological packaging or a new dipper to lick your fingers and thumbs... In retail and foodservice, Agristo goes for one hundred percent taste and atmosphere.


SIAL Paris 24
5A P-094

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