Egyptian Saudi Food industries Co.

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Egyptian Saudi Food industries Co.
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plot no. (3) industrial zone, 32897 Sadat City, Egypt
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Israa Qassem

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The Egyptian Saudi Food Industries Company (ESFIC) is a subsidiary of the Abdulaziz bin Abdullah Al-Muhanna Group, based in KSA. Established in 2017, the company supplies high quality products with the goal to acquire 3% of the total exports of frozen vegetables. Through its promising vision, the company also aims to become a leading company in this field, and to contribute to bridging the global food gap.

A successful milestone of our company is that we focus on meeting our customers’ needs and satisfaction. This matches our company’s goals and strategic direction. We have listed these in our institution’s goals, ambitions, policies, actions, documented information and resources required to implement and maintain them. This is exactly what we do; starting with the raw materials, the way they are grown and harvested, and until they reach our customers in their final form.


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