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Moravie 30, 8501 Bissegem, Belgium
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Anoeshka Deboeverie

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Over the last few decades, It imports and exports a wide range of solid and liquid honey varieties from all over the world.
Honey enjoys a very positive image among consumers. It also offers a unique palette of flavours. This is why more and more food manufacturers are using honey to give their products that little extra something. This includes manufacturers of biscuits, confectionery and energy bars. But it is also used in bakery and dairy products, sports drinks, sauces, salad dressings and meat products, where honey is used as a natural sweetener because of its unrivalled and inimitable texture and taste.

Bijenhof works under the strict FSSC22000 standard, which guarantees the quality of the production process and ensures that everything is done according to food safety rules. Bijenhof also has the Bio, Kosher and Halal certificates.
All the honey that Bijenhof receives is subjected to a strict entry control. After processing, the honey is filled in all conceivable packaging: from tiny containers for the hotel and catering industry, consumer packaging for the retail industry to IBC bulk containers of 1000 liters for the food industry.
Bijenhof has also specialised in the production of honey products under private label.


SIAL Paris 24
5B R-125

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