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Zakłady Przemysłu Cukierniczego Otmuchów S.A.
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Nyska 21, 48-385 Otmuchów, Poland
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Aleksandra Rybak

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Otmuchów Group is one of the leading polish producers of sweets, including gummies for mass market as well as for pharmacy and chocolate candies, halvah, marshmallows in chocolate, bars and salty snacks.
Since June 2021 Otmuchów Group is part of global concer Kervan Gida, which is 7th biggest producer of soft candies in the world and the biggest gummy producer in Turkiye.

Otmuchów Groups includes ZPC Otmuchów S.A. and PWC Odra S.A
We own FreeYu and Odra brands
Odra is a brand with 76 years of tradition. Under this brand we produce halvah, caramels, jellies and marshmallows in chocolate
FreeYu is a modern brand where you can find , among others, healthy bars on the basis of fruits, cereals and nuts, protein bars and snacks based on quinoa and lentil.
In 2022 Otmuchów Group introduced DEXTERS – gummies brand of various flavours, shapes and colours.
Otmuchow Group offer includes also complex solutions in private label as well as B2B area. Our products are present in the biggest domestic and international. We are also partner in development of innovative products for international pharmaceutical concerns.


SIAL PARIS 2022 ; SIAL Paris 24

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