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Y Cook India Pvt Ltd
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131/1 Kolathur Village, 562114 Hoskote Taluk, Bangalore Rural, India
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Janardhan Swahar

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We are happy to introduce you to a new category of food space – the category of minimally processed fruits, vegetables and lentils under the brand name Ta-daa!

What sets us apart?

All our products are Just boiled with no preservatives or additives (not even citric acid / ascorbic acid). Its 100% natural
Our unique processing is akin to natural cooking process
The products have a shelf life of 1 year in ambient storage conditions, no refrigeration required
All fresh produce is packed within 24 hours of harvest to retain the peak harvest freshness, flavor, colour, texture and nutrition
All our farms are global GAP certified so zero pesticide residue all our products
We are a complete cycle company

Our current range of products include

Sweet corn – Boiled Sweet corn on cob – Single and Double in a pack. We also have the variants of purple sweet corn and golden yellow sweet corn.
Sweet Corn – Boiled sweet corn kernels (whole uncut kernels keeping all the goodness intact) – Comes with 4 lip smacking seasoning – Chat, Peri-Peri, Cheese and herbs, Lemon and Pepper
Tuber range – Boiled baby Potatoes; Boiled Sweet Potatoes; Boiled Tapioca
Lentils Range – Boiled Chickpeas; Boiled Kidney Beans; Boiled Pigeon Peas


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