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Makprogres Ltd
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Vojdan Chernodrinski 8, 2310 Vinica, Macedonia
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Maja Cvetanova

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In this era of consumerism, it is not easy or simple to be accepted, wanted or respected.

With their high quality, taste, aroma and reasonable prices, Vincinni and Vincinni Finest products are a unique pleasing experience for all human senses.

Vincinni’s secret of success is the ideal balance of young and motivated staff, experience and tradition, and the dedication put in every phase of the operations. It begins with the selection of raw materials, the recipes, the manufacturing process, the modern and attractive packaging design, then continues with the sales and marketing of products through the distribution channels, all the way to the final consumer. Vincinni and Vincinni Finest products have exceptionally balanced nutrition value and nutrients. Satisfaction of consumers when consuming Vincinni products is the ultimate goal of every employee. Our consumers are perpetual source of enthusiasm and inspiration for development and improvement of the overall operations of Makprogres.

The continuing promotion of production and recipes and the application of the most modern methods and technology enable Makprogres - in its production capacities, located in the heart of Kocani-Vinica valley, in the history-rich town Vinica - to manufacture a wide assortment of confectionery, in various forms and with various fillings (swiss rolls, cakes, strudels, spreads, biscuits), known as Vincinni and Vincinni Finest. They all have a single feature – original taste and exceptional quality. Especially significant feature that offers a huge competitive advantage for Makprogres is the compliance with HACCP, ISO 9001:2008 – Quality Management Systems and HALAL – Quality System. All raw materials and final products of Makprogres are subject to regularly control in its own laboratory and in other certified quality assurance laboratories in Macedonia and in the neighboring countries.

Vincinni is one of the principal brands of Makprogress DOO Vinica, a company that develops with sustained growth. It was founded in 1990 as a small family business, and today it is a key player in the confectionery industry, not only in Macedonia but also in the region. Today Makprogres is a respectful company with over 300 employees from Vinica and its neighborhood. Makprogres is one of the rare companies in Macedonia which does not recognize boundaries – the taste and the quality of its products allow it to rank high on the highly competitive markets in over 40 countries. Vincinni and Vincinni Finest are exported in the following countries:
- the Balkans: Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia;
- EU: Bulgaria, Romania, Austria, Slovakia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Cyprus, Great Britain, Hungary, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Spain, France, the Czech Republic, Switzerland and Italy;
- Middle East: Iraq, Azerbaijan, Palestine, Yemen, Jordan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Israel.
- Africa: Libya, Mauritania, Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria; and
- Australia, Canada and the USA.

This shows that Makprogres is a successful example of how to win markets and how to meet the requirements and tastes of so many different cultures, traditions and preferences.


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5B - N - 224

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