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Valfleuri SA
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5 Rue de la Charente, 68270 WITTENHEIM, France
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Camille Vernerey

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Valfleuri, 100 years of excellence!
Created in 1922, Valfleuri is the oldest pasta factory in Alsace and has been developing its family know-how with passion for 3 generations!
Valfleuri perpetuates the tradition of IGP-certified Alsatian Pasta with its generous recipe of 7 fresh free-range eggs. Also a creator of innovative pasta, Valfleuri is committed to developing healthy and tasty products, favoring ingredients of French origin. A pioneer in respecting animal welfare and the environment, Valfleuri has also initiated the creation of two durum wheat sectors; a local sector with Alsatian farmers from the CAC, as well as a durum wheat sector, from French farms with high environmental value, for its new range of 100% durum wheat “HVE label” pasta. This is how its commitment to sustainable development was rewarded by obtaining the “PME+” label in 2018 and “Alsace Excellence” in 2020.


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