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The Biscuit Factory Cocoa Studios Unit CC 412 100 Drummond Road, SE16 4DG London, United Kingdom
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Sevda Mutlu

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GB 978 2516 77


SEVDA LONDON is a London-based fashion accessory brand with a distinctive British identity. Its main operation is the design and retailing of leather handbags and scarves, all designed in London and made in Italy.

The brand was established in 2013 by Sevda, after several years working in the industry, who is the founder and the designer behind the entire collection. Since then, the brand has been evolving around the principles which she strongly believes in. These are conscious design, responsible sourcing and high artisan quality.

Sevda brings together elegant modern beauty and sustainability within each of her products. This is possible because of the combination of creativity and true artisanship with unique sustainable materials; as the result of technological advancements and continuous research for making this world a better place.

The timeless style and longevity of products are the keys to SEVDA LONDON's sustainable strategy. Sevda strongly believes one of our greatest contributions to sustainability is creating and making products to last; loved and cherished for years.

SEVDA handbags are produced exclusively in the leather goods workshop in Florence, Italy, by highly skilled craftsmen and craftswomen who are the true asset of the brand and with whom Sevda has established a personal relationship with a shared passion and mutual love and respect.

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