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Roska Group (Pty) Ltd.
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Unit 2 Gold Reef Park, 8 Data Crescent Ormonde Johannesburg, South Africa
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Roshni Morar

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Roska Artisan Ice Cream started in 2019 with one ice-cream maker and a few recipes to indulge friends and family. Today, Roska is Masterchef-approved, and served at premium restaurants like, Olives & Plates, Tashas, Verdicchio, Piza-e-Vino Restaurants, Papachinos, Proud Mary and Modern Tailors. Our retail footprint includes a presence at various Superspar outlets, popular stockists, hotel groups and high-end restaurants. As a business, Roska is passionate about only using the freshest and ethically sourced ingredients. That means no milk powder or artificial flavourants; just good old-fashioned ingredients.

With a small manufacturing facility in the South of Johannesburg, Roska explores flavour trends, with a catalogue of 17 flavours, a range of ice cream cakes, mini–Belgian Bars, as well as a Reduced Sugar and Vegan range. Roska’s ice cream range is a treat that offers innovative and classic flavour variants to satisfy consumers needs to snack, escape and indulge. Roska stands up to the highest quality levels, and a flavour profile that is unique and memorable. All flavours produced aim to appeal to all customer preferences with a special flavour for everyone. Only the best quality ingredients go into the makeup of Roska Artisan Ice Cream without any harmful chemicals, additives or preservatives.

Roska Artisan Ice cream prides itself on building strong customer relationships so that longstanding partnerships can be forged, and together we can align to consumer needs that cover snackification, health and nutrition. Roska also works with many of its customers in the hospitality industry to develop a variety of dessert offerings to compliment unique taste profiles and to support their premium menu offerings. Roska works relentlessly to ensure that orders and expectations are met, without sacrificing the quality and artisanal nature of the product. As a conscious brand, we strive to be a responsible business that considers people, planet and profit. We believe that more than ever, we are ready to meet our vision of becoming a diversified, dynamic and competitive business and brand in South Africa and to the world.

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