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Les Castarts
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Vremdesesteenweg 178, 2530 Boechout, Belgium
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Michiel Somers

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Born in a creative studio in the city of Antwerp, Our Sister is built by the idea of creating garments with heartfelt textures and vibrant colors that are well-balanced. These days it is a tough balance to staying true to yourself and standing out in an ultra-violet crowd. Together with a team of young creators and our ethical factories we’re driven by the objective bringing together the best of both worlds; qualitative fabrics and sustainable fibers with outspoken details to bringing our vision into harmony with each other.

Our Sister is the female counterpart of Castart. A brand built in 2018 with the idea of shifting men’s clothing into a more playful and diverse world. The identity between the brands will embrace each other such as the source of fabrics but so as within a family we believe in strong similarities and unique personalities to create an outstanding style for men, women and non-binairy individuals.

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