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Optimum CIT
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229 Chem. de la Farlède Bâtiment D, 83500 la seyne sur mer, France
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Samantha Albisser

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The Optimum group is a French SME with 70 employees specializing for 40 years in the design and distribution of innovative management software for eye and hearing professionals, in particular opticians and audioprosthetists. Today we equip more than 3800 points of sale and hearing centers throughout France with more than 12,000 users, independent or under a brand.

Since its creation, we have never stopped innovating while remaining easy to use and functional. Our goal is to make life easier for users and automate some of their tasks to save them time. We thus help them to maintain the precious relationship with their patients/clients and contribute to their repositioning as an expert in vision and hearing.

Our solutions for opticians (Optimum Live) and audioprosthetists (Optimum Audio) are full Web, intuitive and ergonomic. No Licensing, investment or download! Only a computer or tablet and an internet connection are required.

Our strength: an acute sense of customer service, proximity, responsiveness and expertise to better serve on a daily basis and support professionals in their projects.

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