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Nafoods Group JSC
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47 Nguyen Canh Hoan, 43000 Vinh, Vietnam
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Nguyen Giang

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Nafoods Group is among the most innovative fruit and vegetable growers and processers in Vietnam, specializing in Fresh fruits, Fruit Juice/NFC, Puree, Concentrate, IQF and dried Fruits. Founded in 1995, we sell to food companies throughout the world especially Europe, the US, Oceania, Middle East, Japan and Korea.
Nafoods Group is one of the front-runners in South East Asia in the field of integrated agricultural processing. Nafoods has been developing its own value chain including:
1. Raw material areas
2. Harvesting (fresh Fruit)
3. Processing & Manufacturing
4. Export & Distribution

Nafoods Group has two factories covering an area of 10 hectares in the Nghe An province and the Long An province, operating four main processing lines, using Italian and German processing technology:
2 concentrate processing lines: 10,000 MT per year
2 processing lines of frozen fruit and vegetable: 2MT – 3MT / hour of finished product

As one of the top-most fruit juice concentrate suppliers, Nafoods Group ensures that the highest quality standards are followed right from growing and picking of the fruits to the processing, packing and shipment. Our fruit juice concentrates such as Passionfruit, Pineapple, Calamansi, Lime, Watermelon, Lychee, red dragon fruit among other tropical fruits are a great addition to many food and beverage applications and are supplied to various parts of the world.

Our puree fruits are produced from the highest quality of fruits. With modern machinery equipment, Nafoods Group ensures that its puree product range offers long lasting freshness, taste and texture. White dragon fruit, averola, guava, aloe vera, ginger among others are some of the products we source for use by customers as ingredients in food service


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