Molini Bongiovanni S.p.a.

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Molini Bongiovanni S.p.a.
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Via Volta, 9, 10020 Cambiano (TO), Italy
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Gaia Bongiovanni

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Molini Bongiovanni is a young and dynamic mill situated in Piedmont, near to Turin. 
Our milling plant is one of the largest mills in Northern Italy and one of the most important in our country. 
We go beyond the simple flour production: we believe that a product's value also includes its environmental footprint. That is why we have created a mill that is attentive to sustainability, powered by a photovoltaic system and transporting raw materials by rail. In addition, we manage controlled supply chains from the field to the table, taking care of every step in this delicate process.
Moreover, our Research and Development department is constantly experimenting to create new products. Inside the mill we can count on two different laboratories: the chemical lab, where we analyse the flours in order to determine their characteristics, and the bakey lab, where we test them in a full equipped environment to make sure the flours perform as expected. Thanks to both of them and to the collaboration with italian universities and specialised research centres, we develop new solutions to support food production in every possible way.


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