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Spółdzielnia Mleczarska "MLEKPOL" w Grajewie
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Elewatorska 13, 19-203 Grajewo, Poland
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Tomasz Trzaska
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Dairy Cooperative MLEKPOL in Grajewo is one of the biggest manufacturers in Poland and one of the 20 largest dairy producers in Europe. Around 9000 farmers, members of the Cooperative, every day supply MLEKPOL with high-quality raw milk originating from the cleanest regions of Poland. MLEKPOL’s milk purchase exceeds 2 billion liters per year which is around 17% of the total milk collected in Poland. MLEKPOL’s products are made in 13 modern and highly specialized production plants located in: Grajewo (head office), Zambrów, Mrągowo, Kolno, Suwałki, Sejny, Bydgoszcz, Sokółka, Dąbrowa Białostocka, Radom, Zwoleń and Gorzów Wielkopolski.

Dairy Cooperative MLEKPOL provides a range of more than 600 products covering UHT milk and cream, fermented products and beverages, butter and butter spreads, cottage and curd cheese, semi-hard and long-ripening cheese, mozzarella, processed and cream cheese, smp, wmp, buttermilk and whey powder. All the dairy product categories are dedicated to retail market, food service and B2B customers. Łaciate, Milko, Białe, Mazurski Smak, Rolmlecz and Maślanka Mrągowska are flagship brands which are well-known and valued for their high quality and unique taste in Poland and foreign markets.

Every day MLEKPOL produces about:

- 1,8 million liters of liquid milk

- 250 tons of fermented products and beverages

- 220 tons of semi-hard and long-ripening cheese

- 150 tons of butter and butter blends

- 170 tons of milk, buttermilk and sweet whey powder

For more than 40 years MLEKPOL has been developing its position in Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East and both Americas. Every day the Cooperative provides with milk products millions of customers from more than 100 countries. Export sales accounts for about 30% of its turnover.

MLEKPOL’s primary goal is production and sale of Polish, natural, safe and high-quality dairy products meeting various expectations of customers and quality standards of different countries all over the world.


SIAL PARIS 2022 ; SIAL Paris 24
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