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236 Rue du Faubourg Bannier, 45400 Fleury-les-Aubrais, France
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Paul-Olivier Claudepierre

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The Vinegars' production and the city of Orléans have been linked historically since the Renaissance. When they arrived in Orléans, the wines that had begun a second fermentation during their journey on the Loire were unloaded and served as raw material to the many winemakers and mustards masters installed in the city.
Since 1797, our House continues this tradition. The selected wines are transformed into vinegars thanks to a slow fermentation of three weeks they are then aged in oak barrels for more than a year.
When others produce their vinegar in 48 hours, at Martin-Pouret, we let time do his work. This is what gives a perfectly balanced vinegar with rich and complex aromas, which three centuries later did not take a wrinkle!
It is the same obsession with well-done work that guides us in the development of our mustards. Once our seeds are soaked with our wine vinegar, we slowly grind them with a stone wheel to obtain a fine, creamy and delicious texture before letting them rest for 3 weeks.
Obsessed with the quality of our products, we select each ingredient with the utmost care.
Our mustard seeds are grown in France, in the Loire Valley, when most other manufacturers source in Canada.
Our pickles are also French, when the vast majority of what the French consume comes from India or China.
The wines we select for the production of our vinegars come from the major French wine regions such as the Loire Valley or Burgundy.
It is this respect for the terroir and know-how that we have established as a company philosophy that guides us every day.
Today: the Maison Martin-Pouret, proud of its unique heritage, is the only one to continue the tradition of the Vinegars Masters and Mustards Masters of Orléans.


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