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l-carb-shop UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
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Kirchgasse 36, 63065 Offenbach am Main, Germany
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Daniel Schaaf

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DE 2871 636 73
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l-carb shop was founded in 2014 by Susanne and Daniel Schaaf. At that time they had experience in a low-sugar and carbohydrate-reduced diet for more than 10 years and were one of the pioneers in the development of recipes corresponding to this type of diet.
Based on the problem that at that time low-sugar and low-starch ingredients were difficult to obtain, and until today you can never be sure of the quality and "pharmacy prices" are charged for them, the idea arose in 2013 to build up a low-carb shop. The l-carb-shop portfolio primarily includes plant-based protein sources, dietary fibers and sugar replacements, which form the basis for a balanced, low-carbohydrate diet.
l-carb-shop obtains almost all of its products worldwide directly from small and artisanal manufacturers and has therefore built up excellent knowledge about sugar substitutes and the possibilities of replacing wheat flour.
Since 2018, the trading company has developed into a food producer. The reason for this was that, despite visits to trade fairs around the world, no muesli product had been found that met their required properties and quality standards. The founding team developed their own crunchy muesli. Since this development had to be done in a completely new way, it also resulted in a patent.
They achieved an even more fundamental innovation with the almost starch-free extruded chocolate pops. The innovative manufacturing process of which was even patented worldwide. This product is almost completely free of sugar and starch and consists almost solely of high-quality vegetable proteins and fibre. There is near to no nutritional label that cannot be attached to this product. Gluten-free, vegan, reduced-calorie, lactose-free, non-GMO, high-protein, high-fiber and many, many more. This innovation will be presented to an international audience for the first time at SIAL.
The range of innovations is rounded off by a nut nougat cream, which, in addition to the use of high-quality sugar-free sweeteners, also has a special mix of healthy fats.
Find us on SIAL at Hall 1 G40 (german Pavillion)

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