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Giuliano Tartufi S.p.A
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Via dell'Ulivo 31 Zona industriale Sud, 6026 Pietralunga, Italy
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Laura Marcucci
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The company Giuliano Tartufi® was born from the hobby and the passion of a very young Giuliano Martinelli, who, already in the early 80’s and before starting his shift at the factory, used to go every morning into the woods to hunt truffles together with his inseparable dog.

Since 1991 Giuliano decides to follow his dream to devote himself exclusively to hunt and sell fresh truffles. Firstly by manufacturing the products in a small laboratory in Pietralunga, and immediately afterwards by starting to participate to some of the most important Italian exhibitions in this business field: he specializes this way in marketing fresh truffles and in producing food specialties based on truffles.

The goal of Giuliano Tartufi® is and always has been sharing to everyone its passion for truffles, by bringing the culinary traditions and the typicalities of its land all over the world.

As a matter of fact Giuliano Tartufi® exports to many countries and is committed everyday to ensure that its values are transmitted and “married” by all its national and international partners: it is no coincidence that the graphic element that represents the company is a ring of truffles, a real symbol of eternal and indissoluble love for the truffle.

Here below the stages of our journey:

- In 1981 Giuliano starts the truffle hunting business and in 1991 ventures by himself into the first experiments of canned food: the very first line of food products with truffles is launched.
- In May 1999 Giuliano Tartufi s.a.s. (limited partnership) comes to life, and with it the project of a new headquarter.
- In 2001 Giuliano Martinelli, together with his sister Matilde, proudly inaugurates the new plant in the industrial area of Pietralunga.
- In 2002 the company turns into a s.r.l. (LLC), while new and refined industrial and artisanal production methods are implemented.
- In 2006 sees the birth of the company’s new logo: a ring made up of black and white truffles.
- In 2014 the launch of the Concept Store “La Bottega del Tartufo” takes place: an attractive single-brand shop highly specialized in the sale of fresh and preserved truffles.
- In 2015 Giuliano Tartufi obtains for the first time IFS and BRC certifications.
- In 2017 a further facilities expansion takes place, with a consequent significant increase in the production capacity.
- In 2019 our Truffle Spolverata® is awarded as the most innovative food product of the year in different parts of the world: Dubai (Gulfood, February 2019), Parma (Cibus Connect, May 2019) and Holland (Food Vabkeurs Specialiteiten, October 2019).
- In 2020 Giuliano Martinelli is appointed “Cavaliere della Repubblica Italiana” (Knight of the Italian republic) for his professional and social commitment. In the meantime, the company continues its growth and becomes Giuliano Tartufi S.p.A. (LTD). The Truffle Carosello project starts: a full experiential immersion aimed to all those who want to find out more about this mysterious world.
- In 2021, in coincidence with the 40th anniversary in the fresh truffle sector and the 30th as a processing company, the works for a new plant begin.


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