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Paparella Salvatore e Francesco srl
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Viale Ippocrate 16-18, 76121 Barletta, Italy
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Fabio Carbonara

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Frantoio Paparella is located in Viale Ippocrate 16/18, in Barletta, Apulia, between the Ofanto valley and the plains of the Tavoliere di Puglia, where our facility occupies an area of more than 5000 sq m.We are committed to improving extraction
quality and quantity, and for this reason we are carrying out several research and development projects in collaboration
with other businesses and national and international research institutes. In addition to the vast area where the extraction
process is carried out, our facility includes a number of off ices, meeting rooms, showrooms and a bottling area.
The organisational structure of our company includes entrepreneurs Salvatore and Francesco Paparella, Brand Manager
and Sales Director Michele Paparella and a team of experts and consultants advising our company in matters of Marketing,
Exports and Human Resources. Having reached our 130th anniversary, we firmly believe that choosing quality is the only way to build a better, more sustainable future. In our facility, the two main byproducts of olive oil extraction -pomace and the so-called nocciolino di sansa (a residual product made up of cleaned and grounded olive pits)- are re-used as a source of energy to power our production cycle. Frantoio Paparella has implemented circular economy practices and is committed to achieving zero environmental impact in its production activities, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda.

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