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CSB-System SE
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An Fürthenrode 9-15, 52511 Geilenkirchen, Germany
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Eva Grein

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DE 176183502


CSB-System SE is the leading industry IT specialist for the food and beverage industry and for the trade sector. As a one-stop provider of software, hardware, services, and business consulting, we have been the innovation partner for our customers for 40 years and create significant competitive advantages.

The CSB-System is a comprehensive solution representing all areas of the value chain in the food and beverage sector – vertically and horizontally, from primary production to consumers, and from machine to controlling. The standard version entirely covers all business processes. Given the modular structure of our all-inclusive solution, our customers can flexibly introduce new functionalities in the way they choose. In addition, the industry ERP can be updated in a quick and safe manner, and technical innovations or legal requirements can be easily integrated.

The CSB-System is available for every company size. Small businesses and trades successfully use BASIC ERP, medium-size and large companies use CSB INDUSTRY ERP as a comprehensive solution, and corporate groups control their factories with CSB FACTORY ERP. The CSB-System is the basis for the Smart Factory of the future as it is optimally prepared for advanced networking, automation, and autonomy of production facilities.
Around the world, we offer our customers from the food and beverage industry all services they need for the efficient use of the industry-specific solution, from our own hand. The approach of supplying software, hardware, services, and business consulting from a single source results in a reduction of costs and complexity for our customers, for example in the case of acquisitions or international expansion of their businesses.


SIAL Paris 24
6 - L-166

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