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Country Traders Limited/Coffee Roasters of Jamaica Limited
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Unit 3, 69 Constant Spring Road, 00010 Kingston, Jamaica
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Mark Fletcher
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Country Traders Limited/Coffee Roasters of Jamaica Limited has been in the coffee business since 1992 and our primary business over the last 30 years has been the roasting and distribution of Jamaica Blue Mountain and other Jamaican coffee in both the local and export markets. More recently, since 2013, we now also offer premium grade 1 Jamaica Blue Mountain green beans.

Our company focus has always been to provide only the best quality coffee to our customers, and therefore we have been very selective in the regions we choose to work in. All our small farmers are located above 1200 meters in the central Blue Mountain areas. It is proven these higher regions are much cooler and therefore promote the slow growth of the bean, allowing it time to develop a deeper, more intense flavor.
Being this selective means our volumes available for export are limited but we can confidently stand behind our product and state we are the best of the best!

Country Traders currently holds the JACRA Platinum Standard award of excellence for roasted coffee within Jamaica. We also export our green beans to the following markets – Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Canada and China.


SIAL PARIS 2022 ; SIAL Paris 24

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