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CNA Servizi Arezzo SCRL
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Via Carlo Donat Cattin, 129, 52100 Arezzo, Italy
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Francesco Mercurio

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Since 1947, CNA has been at the side of entrepreneurs to face complex and important challenges, manage change, innovate, compete.
We have always cultivated the relationship with our companies on a daily basis through the sharing of the association's own values, the direct participation of entrepreneurs in the choices, representation on the territory, the provision of services, involvement in activities and projects. CNA Arezzo enhances, year after year, the range of its services and therefore that of opportunities for its members. It is difficult to "do business" alone in normal times, it is impossible in times of crisis like the ones we have been experiencing for years. And to this difficulty, CNA responds with the ease of access to its services, with their quality, with their continuous and constant updating.
The system, widespread throughout the province, guarantees the defense of business interests, qualified advice, correct and updated information that translates into time savings, global interventions, personalized relationship in strategic sectors for business management.
Being part of the CNA system means counting on a solid network of services of high and proven professionalism, from the most traditional to the most innovative, and taking advantage of agreements and savings opportunities that translate into immediate economic benefits.


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