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SAS La Jasso de Calissanne
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RD 10, 13680 Lançon-Provence, France
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Emeline De Lafontan De Goth
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Château Calissanne, a thousand-year-old property in the heart of a unique territory of 1200 hectares, has been producing wines and olive oils since 1846 in the Aix-en-Provence region.
The family estate has 60 hectares of traditional olive groves and 110 hectares of vineyards - all of which are under the Protected Designation of Origin.
The production is exclusively owner-grower, which means that the wines and olive oils come only from our own olive trees and vines.
Our productions being in Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), you have a real guarantee of the origin of the olives and grapes.
From an ecological point of view, the domain is in reasoned agriculture), certified by the label High Environmental Value, delivered by the French Ministry of Agriculture.

Our wines and olive oils are produced on a parcel-by-parcel basis: each terroir having its own specificity, each range corresponds to a specific plot.


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