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Celiko S.A.
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św. Antoniego 71, 61-359 Poznań, Poland
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Sonia Sobkowiak

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Celiko is experienced Polish producer of food products, especially functional and dietetic food. Company was established in 1982 and since the beginning has specialized in and perfected the production process of food, in particular dried concentrates. We started our activities from a difficult and pioneer production that required strict production regime, i.e. the full assortment of dietetic foods for elimination diets, including those applied in coeliac disease.
We offer following products:
• Instant drinks: granulated tea beverages, instant cocoa, cocoa powder , chocolate to drink, cappuccino, coffee creamer, 3in1 coffee, smoothie.
• Snacks: freeze dried fruit bars in different tastes, freeze dried fruits and vegetable mix in doypack.
• Baking additives, desserts in powder, porridges, cakes in powder.
• Food ingredients: freeze dried fruits and vegetables in different shapes, spray dried fruit and vegetable powders.
All products offered by Celiko are gluten free.
One of our key brands is FRUPP - bars and snacks from freeze-dried fruit. These are delicious and valuable snacks, which are a great alternative to high-calorie sweets. Their production is carried out using freeze-drying - a method considered to be the most preserving drying process. Thanks to it, the fruit used for the production of FRUPP bars and snacks largely retain not only the intense aroma and taste, but above all their nutritional values. There are currently several products in 3 categories in the FRUPP line:
• Freeze-dried crunchy fruit bars
• Freeze-dried crunchy fruit bars – FRUPP Kids
• Freeze-dried fruit snacks (100% fruit)
FRUPP is a delicious and nutritious snack, being a rich source of dietary fiber and antioxidants. You can consume it as a supplement to muesli, yoghurt, or dessert, and make it into a delicious fruit smoothie. It tastes like icy sorbet when dissolved in water and frozen.
FRUPP products are gluten-free and have no salt, fat, preservatives or colours added.


SIAL PARIS 2022 ; SIAL Paris 24

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