Caffè Barbera 1870

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Barbera Caffe Spa
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Via G Orsini, 80123 Naples, Italy
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Elio Barbera

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Caffè Barbera 1870 is the oldest Italian coffee roasting company based in Naples with an history of over 150 years, and distributes its products in more than 60 countries all over the world. website:

Southern Italy 1870. The bracing air of early morning is enriched with intense fragrance in via Garibaldi where the little shop of colonial products radiate light and aromas onto the street. The source of this aroma is the coffee shop of Domenico Barbera, “the magician”, as his affectionate customers nicknamed him. Every day Domenico roasts fresh coffee with passion and dedication on his new coal-fired roaster, “Tornado” that was pride and joy of the Barbera family. Over 150 years later the tradition of the Cafè Barbera Company, one of the oldest coffee companies in Europe, has been carried on by six generations of the Barbera’s family and merged with a spectacular vision to establish traditional Italian coffee shops serving premium authentic Italian coffee. Still sourced from seven varieties of the world’s finest coffee beans, slow roasted separately by master roasters and artfully blended to our original recipe.


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