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rue de la Porte Rouge, avenue de Menin, 59250 Halluin, France
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Steve Van Lauwe

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FR 45314211335


It all started more than 50 years ago in a small Belgian pastry shop close to the French border.

A passionate baker came up with the idea to revise the recipe of the classic puff pastry: Vol-au-Vent. Word spread fast about his uniquely fine pastry and he decided to produce his high-quality puff pastry cases on a large scale to satisfy the growing demand, pre-baked and ready to fill.

November 1967, the company Pidy Gourmet was established.

Pidy Gourmet

Because of the great passion that motivated the founder and the following generations we continue to strive every day for perfection and innovation of our products, from puff pastry to shortcrust to choux pastry.

The Pidy spirit is based on passion, quality, customer satisfaction and support.

More than 300 quality products in different shapes and sizes, colours and flavours represent our range today in more than 60 countries. From sweet and neutral to Organic, Gluten-free, Veggy and Vegan.

Pidy Gourmet stands for trendy and traditional high quality ready-to-fill pastry products thanks to our many years of experience, expertise and innovations.

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