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Boutique de France
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Hénaff: Ker Hastell/ Gonidec: 2 Rue Henri Fabre, Hénaff:29710 / Gonidec:29900 Hénaff: Pouldreuzic / Gonidec: Concarneau, France
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Viviane Grégoire
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Hénaff: FR 00402978639/ Gonidec: FR84375980075


Boutique de France is the export alliance of two French companies – Conserverie Gonidec and Jean Hénaff – dedicated to Gourmet importers.

In 2020, the creation of Boutique de France comes from the minds of two entrepreneurs from Brittany, passionate by their industry: Jacques Gonidec and Loïc Hénaff, French Foreign Trade Advisors or CCEs.

Their visions, open to the world, initiate this unique and mutualized platform that offers healthy products. Both firms are members of Produit en Bretagne, an associative company aiming to promote the know-how of Breton companies and their products, among others recognizable with its blue and yellow logo. Jean Hénaff and Conserverie Gonidec won the EPV label, a mark of recognition of French State, put in place to reward French firms for the excellence of their traditional and industrial know-how. Boutique de France showcases the great values of the both companies and their ethical approach to corporate social responsibility.


SIAL PARIS 2022 ; SIAL Paris 24

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