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Bandall BV
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Damzigt 45, 3454ps De Meern-Utrecht, Netherlands
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Maartje Vermetten

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Banding for a sustainable world
Less waste, less plastics, less material

Banding is the process where one or multiple products are wrapped with a thin band of paper or film. This is done by using a banding machine. An efficient technique for applications such as bundling, labelling or sealing. The band can be used both printed and unprinted. With a wide range of banding machines and additional options, an infinite number of applications is possible in almost all markets.

With banding, you can efficiently and sustainably label, bundle and seal your products. This is possible with pre-printed and unprinted banding materials. You can also print variable information during the banding process, which increases packaging flexibility. Print & band leads to less label material required to be in stock. Furthermore, banding leads to huge reductions in packaging materials. Especially compared to traditional packaging and labelling methods, such as shrink film, self-adhesive labels and boxes. Additional packaging elements, such as extra labels, clips, or elastics also become unnecessary.


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