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Allive Europe UAB
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Jovaru str. 3, 54342 Kaunas district, Lithuania
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Dominyka Grigaliunaite

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Our European operations consist of more than 4000 hectares (nearly 10,000 acres) in the Baltic states, which are expected to yield approximately 3000 metric tons of premium organic hemp. Approved seed varieties, suitable for climatic conditions, are overseen by agronomists who rely on techniques like crop rotation to neutralize the need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Seed cleaning takes place at our AA rated BRC-certified facilities, utilizing an organic certified process (Log5 certified) that removes contaminants while minimizing damage to beneficial compounds.

In North America, we grow pure 100% Canadian Hemp sourced from the prairies. Implementing the same high standards used in our European operations, we work one-on-one with farmers to supply the high-quality Canadian hemp in demand around the world.

Besides acting as a global bulk hemp ingredient supplier, our holdings include Planet Hemp Superfood and Praise Hemp. By combining best-in-class innovation, with an exciting product development pipeline and team, we’re continually on the lookout for first-to-market launch opportunities. Our mission is to promote hemp as a sustainable ingredient for everyday life, whether it’s in the form of nutrient-rich superfoods, therapeutic applications, or fiber for textiles.

At Allive, we’re working to improve health and wellness through the responsible development of hemp-based consumer products. Underpinning our success is a team that plans, strategizes, and leads by example, leveraging a tremendous depth of talent and know-how to grow operations, execute on our business plan, and build value for shareholders and partners.


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