Aliminter S.A.

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Aliminter S.A.
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Av. Río Segura , 9. Apdo. Correos 34, 30562 Ceutí, Murcia, Spain
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Diego Maciá Sánchez

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Aliminter S.A. was founded in 1996 in Ceutí – Murcia (south-east of Spain) as a sauces and pickles factory. Well from the begining, export has been a major target for the company; nowadays it operates in Europe’s developed and ripe markets as well as developing or emerging countries in Africa, Asia or Latin America. In 2001, a second production unit was oponed in Morocco to supply this market and support exports.
The main added value which Aliminter offers is its wide range of products and packaging, for retail, food-service and industry. A range that has evolved according to the tastes and requirements of the different markets where it operates in. Apart from the ambient sauces, pickles and canned vegetables and fruits, new product categories have been launched as part of its diversification strategy: chilled sauces, sweet sauces, jams, pie coatings, ice-cream toppings, etc.

Aliminter S.A. maintains the respect for the tradition of the good food, but is committed to the new challenges of the food market, and aims to develope the tastes that consumers demand nowadays.


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