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AgricolliBio S.r.l.
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Corso della Repubblica 298, 04012 Cisterna di Latina, Italy
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Francesca Pennacchia

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Born as an organic and Demeter Kiwifruit producer in Italy with a particular attitude towards biodynamic farming, AgricolliBio started its production in South
Africa in 2015 and recently opened its Greek branch to closely follow the production process there.

Innovation and sustainability have always been the pillars of our business philosophy. along with the reliability and quality, our mission is to provide organis products with the ethical and plastic-free packaging using the latest technology the market can offer. We want to be among the best realities when it comes to ethics and certifications, and we translated pur values and vision into the premium brand Violea.

Through own production in Italy, Greece, South Africa and thanks to strategic partnerships in South America, AgricolliBio is a year-round producer and distributor of organic and Demeter Kiwifruit with multiple origins distributed at the same time.

In 2018 the production of the first organically grown Avocado in Colombia started. Combining this origin with the Peruvian and Kenyan ones, the
company supplies this fruit 9 months a year now. Since 2012 the company has been producing and importing organic fruits and vegetables through strategic and trusted joint ventures, sourcing the h e a l t h i e s t and most ethical produce around the world.


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