Acetaia i Solai

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Acetaia Cazzola e Fiorini S.r.l.
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Strada Nazionale per Carpi Nord 1581, 41123 Ganaceto - Modena, Italy
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Virginia Rigutini

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I Solai di San Giorgio was born from Emilian families linked to their land,
traditions and passion for excellent food products.

Based on these values we produce proudly Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI, balsamic creams, seasonings and wine vinegars.

Our Company is located in Ganaceto, few minutes from Modena, in the "heart" of the balsamic vinegar. San Giorgio is the patron of our small town where in the attics (Solai) of the ancient houses of the Modena families, the precious barrels of balsamic vinegar were kept. Hence the idea of developing the brand: I Solai di San Giorgio.

Since the foundation we tried to carry on our business with respect for tradition and with a mentality ready to accept the new challenges of the constantly evolving market.


SIAL Paris 24
5A - HJ - 041

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